b'R E C Y C L I N GCollectioncontainersplacedthroughoutthebuilding have increased opportunities to recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, stretch wrap, plastic and metal banding, and plastic and composite core plugs.M AT E R I A L R E D U C T I O NF L O O R I N GWe replaced more than 5,000 square feet of carpet using Nexterra carpet tile backing made from 35% post- consumer recycled plastic beverage bottles and 50% post-consumer recycled glass. Nexterra also uses 100% green energy in their manufacturing process.P A L L E T SAll broken pallets are sent to a supplier who reuses the salvageablepiecestomakenewpallets.Palletsare marked Return to John Roberts and most are returned from customers for reuse.L A W N C A R EAll products used by our lawn care provider are approved by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.2019S H I P P I N G80% of our outsourced shipments are made using2019SmartWay Certified Partners. 50% of our suppliers are SmartWay Certified.19'