b'I N T R O D U C T I O N40 YEARS + COUNTINGSustainability has been getting a lot of attention recently, but its important to note that The John Roberts Company has been committed to environmental stewardship for over 40 years. We believe the printing process can be altered to reduce its impact on the environment. Thats why we chose long ago to take a different path, one where our decisions deliver the best outcomes for our clients while respecting the environment. Our products, processes and way of life are continually checked against our goal of treading ever more lightly on the planet. To that end, we challenge each area of our business to reduce cost and environmental impact by including these objectives in our annual performance goalsand were energized by the results. This sustainability report outlines these and other actions weve been taking to reduce our environmental impact, as well as some tips to help you with your own green efforts.We believe our approach to sustainability gives you yet another compelling reason to choose The John Roberts Company as your printing and marketing services partner.2'