b'ASPARTOFOURSUSTAINABILITYPLEDGE,WEHAVE COMMITTED TO CONTINUALLY IMPROVING OUR PROCESSES AND REDUCING OUR ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT. TO THAT END, THE FOLLOWING ARE OUR GOALS FOR THE COMING YEAR:10 R E D U C T I O N 15 R E D U C T I O N% %in Gas and Electricity Usage. in Paper Waste.15 R E D U C T I O N 500 % I N C R E A S E%in Greenhouse Gas of FSC jobs.Emissions in thenext 5 years.15 R E D U C T I O N 10 R E D U C T I O N% %in Volatile Organicin Hazardous Air Compound (VOC)Pollutant (HAP) Generation. Generation. 5 R E D U C T I O N 15 R E D U C T I O N% %in Undeliverable-As-Addressedin Hazardous Waste Mail (UAA) through data hygieneSolvent Transport.processes. This helps prevent UAAmail from ending up in landfills.EPA SGPComplete a corporate-wide inventory ofIncrease customer awareness of our greenhouse gas emissions, settingthe importance of sustainable long-term reduction goals, and annuallygreen printing practices.reporting our progress to the EPA.20'