b'AT JOHN ROBERTS, WE ARE GUIDED BY OUR SUSTAINABILITY PLEDGE. It forms our choices, and leads us in the direction of protecting the environment while continuing to provide customers with the Ultimate Customer Experience. John Roberts Sustainability PledgeWE are committed to managing all of our operationsin an environmentally sound manner.WE believe that doing business successfully doesnt need to come at a high cost to the environment.WE involve our employees, our suppliers and our customers in reinforcing the value of sustainable printing and making decisions that are right for business and the environment.WE are minimizing our intrusion on the environment by raising awareness, fostering understanding, providing education and taking positive action. We also collaborate with the local community to provide a healthier regional environment.WE will maintain and/or exceed regulatory compliance with environmental, health and safety requirements.Throughout our organization, each department is challenged to advance the philosophy of Reduce. Reuse. Recycle by implementing policies and practices that reduce waste and emissions, conserve energy, water and materials, and lessen their overall environmental impact.4'