b'%T H E P R O D U C T S W E C H O O S Ereduction in annual WATERusageP A P E ROur house sheets contain a minimum of 10% recycled fiber3 7and are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Higher,recycled content and paper manufactured with wind powertons of paperproducts are available at the customers request. recycled last year3,700 tons of paper were recycled last yeara 6.5% decrease 6.5% in waste!decrease in waste over the previous year. We have continued to decrease this waste each of the last four years. 43%We purchase the most efficient and optimized paper size100 54 %for jobs whenever possible which reduces paper waste. reduction in GAS %%We repurpose the end or butt roll paper that remainsusage reduction11.5on the roll following a job and we use it to create copy1 % reduction in % 6 lbsSpecifying FSC Paper on behalf of our clients continues toin hazardousVOC electricity6paper and customer note pads. since installation S I 1 0 1 0 reduction inpounds of plastic,grow since the inception of the certification. WASTE generaton usageof plastic kept out of landlls 25 KtransportN C E 2reduction inSINCE 2010 of ourpower disposablethe last 4 yearssolvent use purchased fromkept out of landlls SINCE 2016 ONE % gallons of water S O L V E N T S 30% decreaseT N 11.5 reduction in 6 lbs saved annuallyrenewable sourcesThrough investment of a Solvent Recovery System, we havesince 2011 reduction in,reduced the disposal of press wash solvent waste by 60%. 38 % electricity PROCESS % 11.5 43 VOC pounds of plastic Changing chemicals we use to non-hazardous has allowed12016 saved % usage% generation kept out of landlls 3 8reduction inwith electronic the last 4 years SINCE 2010 ,LANDFILL reduction in WASTE PROOFINGus to achieve VSQG status. reduction in 16 icity usage tons of paper SINCE electr%PRODUCT disposable the last 4 years 100 recycled last yearThe amount of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) generatedsolvent use 11.5 % in hazardous 6.5% decrease last year decreased by 35%, while reducing our overall VOCSINCE 2016 reduction in% 25 reductionin waste!GAS30% decreaseusage since 2011generation by 54% since 2010.the last 4 yearsreduction inwaste transport since 2010% 54 the last 4 years decrease in 43 SINCE 2010 %100 1 % % electricity usage startup waste % reduction in 16reductionreduction in 11.5 13 VOC reduction in in hazardousreduction in 43 of ourpowergeneration gas usage the%VOC %disposable reduction in WASTE generaton electricityVOC last four yearssolvent usetransportS I N C E 2 0 1 0 7 reduction in purchased from25SINCE 2016 usage SINCE 2010 decreasegeneration since 2010 renewable sources %30% since 2011the last 4 yearsONE % decrease in11.5 startup waste38 T N reduction in %reduction insaved electricity with electronicusage LANDFILLthe last 4 yearsWASTE PROOFING SINCE 2016 16%reduction in GASusagethe last 4 years'