Christina Torgerson

Account Executive

Christina Torgerson

Chrissie Torgerson stands at the forefront of The John Roberts Company, bringing a rich 20-year history in the print industry. Her career took root in 2004 at a small print shop in International Falls, where she honed her skills as a salesperson, customer service representative, and project manager. This unique blend of roles endowed Chrissie with a comprehensive understanding of the entire project lifecycle, ensuring that she always aligns her work with the needs and objectives of her customers. Her dedication to this holistic approach has fostered long-term relationships with her clients, built on a foundation of confidence and trust.

Chrissie's passion for print is palpable: “In a world dominated by interactive digital media, the tactile sensation of a printed product brings ideas to vivid life. The array of textures, finishes, and embellishments available in print allows for the creation of true art.”

Away from the bustling world of print sales, Chrissie's zest for life takes her on adventures beyond the office. An avid traveler, she seizes every opportunity to explore new destinations, immerse herself in different cultures, and draw inspiration from the world's diverse beauty. Whether it's through trying new recipes accompanied by a glass of wine, soaking in the energy of live music, or cheering on her favorite sports teams, Chrissie's passion for travel adds another dimension to her dynamic, multifaceted personality. Her travels enrich her personal life and bring a global perspective to her professional endeavors.

Christina Torgerson, Account Executive
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