Bill Corner

Senior Account Executive

Bill Corner

Bill's journey into the vibrant world of Graphic Arts was inspired by family and friends, painting a picture of an industry rich in creativity and innovation. Fast forward 27 years, and he's not just part of the team – he's part of the John Roberts legacy, contributing to its many triumphs.

Before diving into the print industry, Bill honed his skills in the dynamic realm of Food, Beverage, and Hospitality Management for 23 years. This diverse background set the stage for a seamless and exciting transition to printing sales. It's not just about selling; for Bill, it's about crafting a story, a journey of discovery and solution-finding for each unique client. His approach? Blend his hospitality expertise, service excellence, and natural flair to deliver unmatched customer experiences.

For Bill, every day is different. Each marketing challenge is a new adventure, a unique puzzle to solve. He thrives on the ever-evolving tech landscape, seizing every opportunity to learn, innovate, and guide his clients toward impactful marketing investments.

Away from the hustle, Bill is all about family and the great outdoors. He's the proud husband of a beautiful wife and father of two amazing young men, exploring the trails with their Golden Retrievers, enjoying the thrill of canoeing, boating, cooking, and dedicating time to their church community.

 Bill Corner – Crafting Printing Solutions with Passion and Precision Since 1997!


Bill Corner, Senior Account Executive
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