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Track and report on each phase of your multi-channel, one-to-one marketing campaign. John Roberts Analytics allows complete visibility of campaign performance. Review and revise your campaign tactics, flag customers to receive follow-up messages and help improve response rates and overall campaign effectiveness.

John Roberts has fingerprinted our presses to GRACoL specifications using popular grades of paper in both conventional and stochastic screening techniques. Downloading the G-7 ICC profile and preparing your output files to these settings will assure the best color match. Download the GRACoL G7 ICC Profile here

This checklist helps ensure your electronic files are prepared for smooth processing in our PreMedia department. A completed checklist should accompany your submitted files. Fill one out by clicking here

To enhance the proofing process for our customers, John Roberts uses Kodak's InSite Prepress Portal. InSite is a web-based collaborative proofing environment which permits customers to view proofs on a secure internet site. This eliminates the need for physical hard proofs or the transfer or large PDF files for the soft proofing purposes. Login by clicking here

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