Color Management

Color management is a key part of our commitment to helping you achieve attractive and accurate printed products. This section includes a variety of useful information to help you understand and capitalize on the color management tools at John Roberts.

Historically the graphic arts industry has operated without a true international standard for color management. GRACoL G7 is emerging as the first true standard for developing color management profiles for use by designers, prep houses and printers.  We've adopted GRACoL and we are a G7 certified organization.  This page provides our recommendations for graphic file preparation to assure the tightest match among the files you send to us, the proofs we provide and the final printed piece.

Downloading the G7 ICC profile and preparing your output files to these settings will assure the best color match. Download the GRACoL G7 ICC Profile here.

Adobe Distiller Settings:

Use PDFX1a settings or the Press Quality settings in Adobe Distiller to help you create print-ready, color-correct PDF files.

Monitor Viewing - Properties Settings:

MAC use RGB 1998

Photoshop/Design Software Print Production Settings:

The John Roberts Company’s first preference for the best color match is for you to use the following GRACoL G7 International Color Consortium Profile.  We have fingerprinted our presses to GRACoL specifications using popular grades of paper in both conventional and stochastic screening techniques. 

If you are uncomfortable using the G7 profile, we suggest you follow the grid below for U.S. Sheetfed and SWOP standards:




If you need additional assistance just ask your account representative to set up a meeting with our color experts.