Your cross-media consulting team

If you're looking for new ways to communicate and connect with audiences across multiple channels, talk to us first. Our full-service approach to integrated marketing will improve response rates, simplify your project management, and keep your costs down.

Reach the right people at the right time with the right message

Cross-media marketing is the vehicle that delivers your messages to the right people through their preferred means of contact - whether that's direct mail, email, web, mobile, or social media. Further, a multi-contact or "touch" strategy has proven extremely effective in delivering increased awareness and brand familiarity. The result? Consideration, purchase, and ultimately, loyalty.

Media That Plays Together

Think cross channel marketing and you’ve taken a true step towards consumer engagement. At JRX-Media, we capture your audience’s data and collaborate with you to develop programs that engage each consumer in their preferred manner and through the channel of their choice.


With our internal mail tracking system, you will never need to wonder when your mail piece is delivered. Receive a big picture report of deliveries by date, state, and percent delivered or dial into a specific individual.


We've gone beyond just word-of-mouth. Now you can have one loyal advocate broadcasting, on your behalf, to hundreds of people through a simple online referral program.


Drive your message across social media platforms and allow it to spread to a larger audience and go viral.

Cross Media Marketing


Don't wonder. Know. Of course you want to know your email delivery and open rate or if it was eaten by a spam filter. Did the recipient act and when? Our robust email service notifies you of all these items and more.


Let's get personal with your clients and provide each of them with a personalized microsite. Measure click-through rates on links and all your campaigns key performance indicators.


By tracking every text message, we provide reports on your prospects behaviors and actions. You can then use this data to refine your messaging.

Print Response Rate

When you choose print.

Print + Landing Page Response Rate

when you combine print with microsites

Print + Email Response Rate

when you combine print with email

Print + Web + Email Response Rate

when you combine print with email & microsites