Tom Wolf

Account Executive

Tom Wolf

Tom Wolf's fifteen-year journey in the Printing Industry is a testament to his deep-rooted passion and expertise. His initial foray into printing began in college, where he worked at a small print shop close to his campus. After graduating, Tom gained valuable experience working for a client of John Roberts, setting the stage for his eventual transition to The John Roberts team in 2012 as a Customer Service Representative and later flourishing as a full-time Account Executive.

Tom's expertise spans Digital, Sheetfed, and Web printing. He finds immense satisfaction in overseeing projects from their inception to the final stage of shipping. His driving force is the ability to assist customers in achieving their unique communication objectives, bringing ideas to life through tangible, high-quality printed products.

Outside of work, Tom's world revolves around his family, cherishing moments with his wife, Cara, and their two daughters. He balances his professional life with personal interests like running, reading, and enjoying good food, all of which contribute to his well-rounded and fulfilling life.


Tom Wolf, Account Executive
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