Laurie Kleschult

Account Executive

Laurie Kleschult

Laurie's professional career in the printed packaging industry, focusing on folding cartons, began in 1995. Her career trajectory has been marked by consistent growth, starting in the Accounting department, progressing through Customer Service, and transitioning into Sales in 2005. Laurie's interest in folding cartons extends beyond her professional role, as evidenced by her attention to products in grocery aisles that her company has developed, showcasing the transition from concepts to physical products.

A distinctive aspect of Laurie's professional approach is her dedication to customer satisfaction, irrespective of the scale of the project. She is recognized not merely as a salesperson but a proficient problem-solver, a proactive strategist, and a skilled relationship builder. The trust she has established with her clients and her fulfillment from seeing a project through to its final, tangible form is central to her professional ethos.

Laurie graduated from Mankato State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, demonstrating her proficiency beyond the realms of sales and client management. Outside of her professional life, Laurie engages in various hobbies and enjoys spending time with her family. She is known for her passion for motorcycling, participating in annual trips with her family, and her interest in creative endeavors, such as reupholstering furniture, showcasing her versatile skills and interests through various DIY projects.


Laurie Kleschult, Account Executive
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