Standard Horizon Cross Folder Installed

by Kyle Kennedy


We've purchased and installed a Standard Horizon AFC-504AKT Cross Folding machine to add capabilities and efficiencies to our digital print production environment.  The folder is equipped with 4 buckle fold plates, a knife fold, and two additional buckle plates under the knife folder.


With fully automated job setup, 10 pre-programmed folds and other automation technology, this folder minimizes setup time and increases production efficiencies for work coming off of our digital presses. The folder is capable of handling a wide range of paper stocks with a maximum sheet width of 19.3 inches and can fold finished-size 8.5" x 11" letter folds.


Shane Snyder, Director of Digital Print Production, stated "This folder increases digital print production autonomy and frees up the larger bindery machines from a good number of short-run jobs that our digital department was previously unable to process.  We expect to see a dramatic improvement in our folding productivity."
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