SITMA 950-E Poly and Paper Wrapping Machine Installed

by Kyle Kennedy


The John Roberts Company has installed a SITMA 950-E poly and paper wrapping machine. The machine is going to be used for the process of polybagging. Polybagging is a process where any printed item is wrapped and sealed into a polythene bag.

The 950-E unit is almost seventy feet long and has the capability to produce at a rate up to 15,000 per/hr with a single book. 


There are many benefits to polybagging instead of using standard envelopes for any job size. Polybagging can be cheaper than standard envelopes. The polythene bags are lighter which can save in postage costs. Wrapping products in poly bags is easier and more efficient to wrap than in envelopes which can save in production costs. The United States Parcel Service also approves some of the poly films for full automated postal discounts.




 Polybagging is more durable than standard envelopes. Poly bags are less prone to weather and human error damage. They are also waterproof to ensure your product does not get ruined by any sort of factor. 




 The aspect of personalization is very important to a lot of companies. Polybagging offers that. The John Roberts Company can wrap products of almost any size and have it completely sealed or the top unsealed. Polybagging gives the customer a "sneak peek" of the product without even having to open the bag. If you are looking to keep the contents of the bag private, there are many ways to obscure what is inside the bag to keep it private.



 Learn more about how our polybagging services can create products that perform at the level required to reach your organization's goals.

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