b'\x01\x10\x01\x0b\x0e\x03\x0e\x11\x12 SUSTAINABLE FORESTRY INITIATIVE\x02\x08\x01\x0b\x0c\x03\x03\x0b\x03\x0e\x0b\x03\x0f The Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is an alternative Chain of \x01\x02\x03\x04\x05\x05\x06\x05\x07Custody certification used at John Roberts. It is another sign that you are buying paper products from well-managed forests, backed by a rigorous, third-party certification audit.SUSTAINABLE GREEN PRINTERJohn Roberts was the first commercial printer to be verified as a Sustainable Green Printer (SGP). The mission of the SGP Partnership is to encourage and promote participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility through sustainable green printing practices.FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non- FSC-C015197 WWW.FSC.ORG governmental organization that promotes environmentally appropriate, The mark of responsible forestry. socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the worlds forests. To learn more, visit www.fsc.org. At John Roberts, participating in this and other chain of custody certification programs reinforces our commitment to environmental stewardship.PROGRAMME FOR ENDORSEMENTOF FOREST CERTIFICATION The third Chain of Custody certification held by John Roberts is the PEFC/29-31-48Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). It is an independent organization that also promotes sustainably managed forests through independent third party certification.MINNESOTA POLLUTION CONTROL AGENCY(MPCA)- NO EXPOSURE EXCLUSION CERTIFIED ID #: MNRNE38C7OurMinnesotafacilityreceivedcertificationprovingshelterto allsignificantmaterialsandactivitiesindoorsorwithina storm-resistant shelter. By minimizing the operational exposure to stormwater helps us save money and time, and protect our surface and groundwater resources.BEST PLACES TO WORKContinued recognition from Printing Industries of America as Best Places to Work in the Americas.23'