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Order Picking

Once we receive your order we will pick the contents of your order with accuracy to make sure you are getting exactly what you ordered. We will also do it quickly to ensure your order gets to you on time. 


Order Packing

When we have your entire order picked we will then pack your order. We know that time is crucial for you. That is why we will pack your order with speed and efficiency so you will be able to get your order on time.



Now that your order is fully picked and packed it is time to ship it out. Shipping with us is easy and efficient. We will ensure your order gets shipped to exactly where it needs to go when it is supposed to be there. 


"It seems like no matter how crazy, or complicated, or detailed my project may be, everything is possible -- and often the
John Roberts team suggests ideas for improving my idea and saving money.

Beth Pellerito
Director of Marketing, Alma College


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