Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 450 Wire Stitching and Trimming Line Installed

May 14, 2018

The John Roberts Company has installed a Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST 450 wire stitching and trimming line to compliment its two existing Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST series stitching and trimming lines. Saddle stitching is a binding method where a wire is passed through the fold of a magazine or booklet to create a staple that binds the pages together.

The ST 450 is an all-purpose, high-volume stitching and trimming line that produces the highest-quality saddle stitched products. It runs at up to 14,000 cycles per hour and supports the following sizes (W x H):

Untrimmed:  3.3" x 5" to 12.5" x 18.8"

Trimmed:  3.15" x 4.7" to 12.4" x 18.7"

Max Product Thickness:  0.47"

"The Heidelberg ST 450 increases the capacity, efficiency and automation capabilities of our bindery for all types of stitched products we produce like catalogs, direct mail, booklets, magazines, calendars and newsletters.  We also have strong confidence, experience and success with the Heidelberg Stitchmaster ST line of print finishing equipment." stated Scott Zorn, Vice President of Operations.


Feeding Unit

Automatic Feeder


Cover Feeder


Stitching Unit


Trimming Unit

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