10-Color Perfecting Press Upgraded to LED Ink Technology

October 1, 2017


The John Roberts Company has upgraded its Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 102 10-Color Perfecting Sheetfed Press with LED ink and drying technology. The upgrade will allow for achieving the shortest production times for 4/4 and 5/5 color jobs with aqueous coating and spot colors.  This press was designed specifically to meet the demanding color requirements and turn times of commercial printing, publishing and web-to-print products.

Why upgrade to LED?

  • provides instant drying
  • no need for press spray powder
  • no marking issues on press

"These upgrades ensure that our 10-color perfecting press can operate at peak production efficiency, print quality and cost-effectiveness for quick turnaround commercial offset printing." shared Scott Zorn, VP,  Operations.

This sheetfed press also has a roll sheeter allowing the press to take advantage of the cost benefits of roll-fed stock with the flexibility of sheetfed offset printing.

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